Dr. Carol Clark

Be In Light

The offspring of a customized orbiter
Dr. Carol Clark is a Board certified sex therapist and addictions counselor; and president and senior instructor for Therapy Certification Training, the International Transgender Certification Association, and the International Institute of Clinical Sexology.
Our over-stimulated lifestyles have led to a disconnection from each other and the Universe. The themes and exercises in this book will help you to Connect and be present, leading to a more fulfilled and peaceful life.
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♦ How can I stop these nightmares?        ♦ I was molested/abused.     ♦ I can’t seem to get past losing my loved one.

Grief and trauma can become frozen in a person’s mind and cause ongoing anxiety, nightmares, or eating disorders.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a treatment protocol that can quickly minimize or eliminate disturbing thoughts and memories. This procedure uses bi-lateral brain stimulation to reprocess traumatic memories, leaving the memories intact, but no longer able to cause distress. This procedure has been used effectively to assist the victims of incest and sexual abuse, violence, combat, and grief. It is also an efficient technique for addressing phobias.

Practitioners of EMDR are licensed mental health professionals who have completed a comprehensive training course provided by approved trainers from the EMDR Institute. I have completed both Level I, Level II, and advanced training. I have successfully used this treatment with a significant number of my clients, some of whom were in therapy previously for months or even years. They were able to benefit dramatically after only two or three sessions!

One woman entered therapy due to depression. She could not mention her father without crying, although he had died 20 years previously. After only one EMDR session, she was able to remember her father with only warm feelings, no more tears. I also treated a recovering alcoholic who had previously been unable to remain sober because of an unresolved childhood sexual trauma. We were able to desensitize and process the trauma and he has remained in recovery for more than a year. This treatment does require face-to-face sessions, but significant results are possible within a short period of time. Please call 305-891-1827 to make an appointment and allow me to help you drop the weight from the past .

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