Dr. Carol Clark

Be In Light

The offspring of a customized orbiter
Dr. Carol Clark is a Board certified sex therapist and addictions counselor; and president and senior instructor for Therapy Certification Training, the International Transgender Certification Association, and the International Institute of Clinical Sexology.
Our over-stimulated lifestyles have led to a disconnection from each other and the Universe. The themes and exercises in this book will help you to Connect and be present, leading to a more fulfilled and peaceful life.
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Dr Carol Clark


I’d like to tell you a little about myself, because it is important for you to feel a sense of trust and Connection with me if we are going to work together. So first, my life in a nutshell:

I grew up in New Jersey (land of the best tomatoes in the world and Bruce Springsteen), then left to travel around the country, footloose and fancy free, for several years. I lived in Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, and California and had jobs ranging from agricultural assistant (I have a bug named after me!)




to bartender to bank teller to veterinary assistant. During these years, I was also a house parent at a drug rehab and then, with my husband, worked for a private psychiatric facility where we lived with the patients as surrogate parents. It became increasingly clear to me that counseling was more than just another job, it is who I am, and so I returned to New Jersey to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling.

After graduation, we moved to the place that keeps us in permanent vacation mode in spite of working 12-hour days– sunny, tropical South Florida. I have been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor here since 1993, working for both private and government substance abuse and counseling programs.

In 1996, I became a Certified Addictions Professional and in 1997, earned a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. I combined the two fields to specialize in working with sexual addicts and their partners.

I became interested in working with transgender and gender non-conforming individuals after attending an educative panel and some support groups. I went on to specialize with this population and, due to the lack of professionals with knowledge in this area, I began providing services to trans people around the country by telephone and internet video conferencing.

I taught graduate courses at a local university, conducted custody investigations for the courts, and now provide Continuing Education for nurses, psychologists, counselors and social workers throughout South Florida. I am a Certified Supervisor for counseling interns. I love teaching and opened the Sex Therapy Training Institute and the Addictions Therapy Training Institute in order to prepare and train future sex therapists and addictions professionals to continue the important work in these fields. In 2012, I created the International Transgender Certification Association with Jessica Lam, Marilyn Volker, and Maylin Batista. We offer certification to clinicians, professionals, and specialists in Transgender Care.

In 2016, I launched the International Institute of Clinical Sexology for therapists and healthcare providers who want to earn a PhD in this field.

I have learned a variety of interventions to effectively assist clients seeking personal growth and mental health in their lives. These interventions include cognitive-behavioral therapy, existential and reality therapy, to name a few. I am Certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, an exciting technique that is extremely effective in treating traumas, phobias, and generally disturbing thoughts and memories, in a relatively brief timeframe. In my private practice, I continue to work with individuals and couples with an incredibly wide array of concerns, which generally reduce to a yearning for improved relationships and intimacy.

As I recognized a commonality in the people I saw over the years, which mirrored those issues I dealt with in my life, I conceptualized a way of looking at our highly stimulating lifestyles as the result of a perpetually addictive state that disconnects us from each other and the universal life force. It is from this personal growing awareness that I wrote my first book Addict America: The Lost Connection. I followed up with a wonderful book that includes many of the tools and exercises I give to clients to take with them after therapy sessions. My Pocket Therapist: 12 Tools for Living in Connection, will help everyone move into a place of Connection with self, others, and the universe.

I am happy to provide initial consultations by telephone or e-mail with no charge so please, contact me any time to discuss whatever is on your mind. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Curriculum Vitae


Always Remember Me

My child, always remember me

Even though remembrance be

Filled with sorrow, pain and tears

My love is with you through the years

Though your steps falter and your will is weak

Listen closely and I will speak

To you of things we both have known

And even though you’re far from home

My love will bring you back to me

My child, always remember me


My love, always remember me

Though it’s been so long

I can barely see

The past where once we met with love

In green jungle with sky above

So blue our eyes burned

And we looked away

Only to open on another day

Close your eyes see me again

Always, forever, no where or when

I’m always with you, look and see

My love, always remember me

Author Carol L. Clark

Copyright Carol Clark 7-5-73